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Supply of sintered NdFeB magnets of different coatings of NdFeB, gold plating, silver, nickel, epoxy, etc.
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The maximum magnetic energy product of sintered NdFeB is about 5 to 15 times that of sintered ferrite, the intrinsic coercive force is 5 to 10 times that of ferrite, and 6 to 10 times that of alumino-nickel-cobalt;

 The potential magnetic properties of NdFeB are very high. In theory, its magnetic energy product can reach 527 KJ/M3 (66MGOe), and they can even suck objects of 640 times their own weight.

 The working range of sintered NdFeB can be from -40 to 2200C, and it can perform axial end face multi-pole magnetization, axial magnetization, radial magnetization and other special magnetization. Sintered NdFeB can be made into a tile shape, a column shape, a ring shape and some other irregular shapes.


Sintered NdFeB is mainly used in computers (hard drive voice coil motors, optical drive devices), mobile phones, MRI, audio equipment, automotive motors, electronics, industrial equipment, security equipment, etc.

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